General Dentistry

General Dentistry

General Dentistry Services Include:

1. Preventative and Restorative Dental Care

All necessary treatments that work to preserve the best possible oral health consist of preventive dental care. Routine visits to a dentist will help to keep your oral health up to date. These appointments will not only help your overall wellbeing, but our dentists will have useful advice at all times about how to self-maintain preventive care.

2. Dental X-rays

Dental X-rays are used to take diagnostic photographs of your teeth and jawbones in order to evaluate your oral health status. 

3. Fillings 

To close a small hole that has formed within a tooth, fillings are used. Fillings may help to heal cavities or tooth decay and to avoid the spread of further infection. Two key types of fillings are available: metal fillings and tooth-colored fillings.

4. Sealants & Fluorides

Sealants and fluorides are used to help protect the permanent teeth from decay. This is done by putting over the biting surface of the tooth an invisible synthetic resin to coat and seal it. When sealed, a cavity or other forms of decay are much less likely to occur in the involved teeth.

5. Restorations of implants

Dental implants have several ways of decaying over time. A dental implant repair could be the right option for you, whether it's from bad oral hygiene, frequent grinding of teeth, or otherwise. 

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