We offer the latest technologies to help us discover and diagnose dental diseases and in some cases, predict future problems.

3D Cone Beam Cat Scan:

This machine allows us to examine, in great detail, the skull, jaws, teeth sinuses and airway spaces in a 3 dimensional manner. With it we are able to diagnose with a much greater level of detail, often times finding problems not found by standard X-rays.


The Cerec system allows us to complete your custom veneers, crowns and most bridges in one appointment, usually in about 2 hours. This means: NO more messy impressions, NO additional time off from work or school, NO more annoying temporaries.

Digital X-rays:

Allow us to digitally manipulate the images for more diagnostic precision and value than standard X-rays.

Digital Impressions:

Allow us to greatly reduce and in some cases even eliminate the trays full of the gooey mess.

Intraoral Cameras:

Allow us to get an enlarged and close up view of teeth and oral structures in real time. Very beneficial for finding failing fillings and stress fractures and cracks

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